Ultimate Drivers

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Improve your driving experience & ease eye strain with Aerial Ultimate Driving Sunglasses.
  • ​The latest technology of speciality driver lenses.
  • Reduces Eye fatigue.
  • Blocks near infrared rays (780-1000nm) which can prevent cataracts forming in the eye.
  • Provide up to 1000nm protection, old driver lenses were only UV400 protection.
  • They also block absorption of blue light. Blue light waves (400-500nm) are  responsible for the haze you see in bright sunlight. You can improve your driving experience with Aerial ULTIMATE Driving glasses by reducing the affect of blue light hazard. (400-500nm)
  • Blocking absorption of Blue light (400~450nm) can prevent glaucoma as well.
  • Suitable for the following occasions and climate:  Golfing,  Mountain Climbers - avoid red-eye syndrome, Long distance Driving - avoid eye fatigue, Cataract patients & Computer users.
  • Complies & exceeds both the Australian  & New Zealand government standards AS/NZS 1067 revision 2003.
  • Provide 100% protection from damaging UVA & UVB Rays