Pacific Optics Ltd


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Pacific Optics was incorporated in 1994, and so began a journey which has lead to its current market status as the largest supplier of sunglasses to the New Zealand Petrol and Convenience Stores

As its business title suggests, Pacific Optics' origin was as a specialist sunglass company and this product continues to remain at the core of the business. Sunglasses have ultimately proven to be the catalyst in cementing Pacific Optics' position within the petrol convenience channel. This in turn has enabled us to introduce new product into the market with the ultimate goal of strengthening the Aerial brand and extending our market share.

Research and development has also become a major focus in maintaining market dominance. The most current fashion trends and initiatives in design are reflected in our product.

Pacific Optics success has been no accident. It's ability to develop products under the "Aerial" brand coupled with other significant licenses, means that our image in the market place is recognised and trusted.

Pacific Optics is renown for not only the high quality of its products, but also for its exemplary individual store-to-store customer service. Specifically planned and proven sales strategies are applied to all product lines thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

The success of the company and its trademarks is reliant on the continual development of the Aerial brand. With new markets on the horizon and a greater portfolio, this company will further extend itself. Adopting this attitude will ensure the products on offer are always fashionable, functional and offer our customer’s great value for money. The future awaits us.